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The Most Historic Golf Courses In Washington State

Washington State, with incredible mountains and scenery, is home to some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the United States. One of these is Sand Point Country Club, located in Seattle. An 18-hole course, it provides a challenging 6,040 yards of twists and turns, playing to a par of 71. Designed by William Tucker and opened for play in 1927, the historic course is said to be one of the best in the Pacific Northwest. Considered a throwback course Read more…

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The Most Unique Golf Courses In West Seattle

Here are uniquegolf courses to play in “West Seattle” that are public fee courses that anyone can play.Among them is the aptly named West Seattle golf course, a municipal track that measures 6623 yards from the tips. This is a beautiful, established course that was quite long for its day. It was built on the natural hills of Seattle, so elevation changes add to the adventure, particularly on the back nine. It was designed by Read more…

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Golf: The Most Dangerous Game?

It’s a little known termlifeonly fact that hundreds of golfers and spectators get injured playing or watching the game each year. From torn ligaments to death, golf can actually be a pretty dangerous game but if you’re planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest to play some of our best courses we’ve got a few tips to keep you safe! Besides making sure your health and life insurance policies are all paid up and there’s an emergency room nearby, here’s what you can do to stay safe while on the links.

Treat the cart like a car. – A majority of all golfing injuries come from golf carts. Whether you’re the driver or the passenger keep all appendages inside the vehicle and drive cautiously, never too fast or under the influence of alcohol.

Aim carefully. – Golf balls can reach speeds of close to 100 miles per hour – never hit a shot when there are people ahead lest you accidentally strike someone.

Take injuries seriously. – Many casual golfers assume the game is so low-intensity they don’t need to worry about slight aches and pains. A pulled muscle can actually be the signs of something more serious so if you feel a constant pain after playing golf be sure to see a doctor.

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Planning a Weekend of Golfing In Washington State

Washington State is home to many excellent public and private golf courses. When you’re embarking on a weekend of golfing in Washington it’s best to plan ahead. You can visit the web sites of various courses to determine which ones appeal to you the most and you can even make tee-time reservations online or by telephone.

Four municipal golf courses which are open to the public are located in Seattle and West Seattle. Nine-hole and 18-hole courses are featured and very reasonable rates are charged. A large number of top-rate private courses are also located in the Seattle area. Confused? Here‘s a little help.

At least 18 public and private golf courses are located in or near Spokane Washington and half a dozen courses are located in Vancouver.

Located fairly close to Seattle and Tacoma the Kitsap Peninsula area of Washington State is known for its abundance of golf courses. At least half a dozen superb private courses are situated in this scenic part of the state. Both nine and 18 hole courses are offered with great conditions for golfers at all levels to enjoy.

When planning for your Washington State golfing weekend don’t forget to pack raingear, you never know when you’ll need it.

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Planning a Weekend of Golfing In West Seattle

Are you planning a weekend of golfing in West Seattle? The golf courses in West Seattle are beautifully crafted with some of the nicest views and holes. West Seattle is truly one of the few places where golf is very famous, and visiting this part of the US could be an exciting adventure for you golfing enthusiasts.

In order for you to plan a successful golfing weekend, the first step is to make sure that you have a nice tee time set up. Make sure to call the Read more…

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The Finest Courses In Washington State

Many of the best golf courses in Washington are located on near the coast along the western side of the state. They not only have beautiful grounds and views of the surrounding area, but were designed for hardcore enthusiasts as well as novice players so that everyone who plays on them has a good time.

Located in Seattle, the Jefferson Park Golf Course is a popular municipal 18-hole regulation style course. It has a 69.0 rating with a slope rating of 119. It Read more…

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The Finest Courses In West Seattle

West Seattle is a wonderful place for golfers as you will be able to enjoy the sport with amazing weather and beautiful golf courses. The West Seattle Golf Club is probably the most played course in the area and this is due to the fact that everyone knows that it is affordable. The nice thing about the course is that you will realize just how much the city has grown and how each hole pretty much tells a different story.

West Seattle Golf Club Read more…

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Greatest Places To Golf In West Seattle

The West Seattle golf club is easily one of the most popular golf courses in the area and there are various reasons why. The locals love this place and it is one of the best courses to check out once you arrive in Seattle. The nice thing about the course is that though it is not the best quality, the holes have something different to offer on every hole. The 18 hole course is very unique and it will not cost you a fortune to play it.


The West Seattle golf club will often have promotions where you are Read more…